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Pinewood Derby Quick Reference

This  guide  is  for  families  looking  to  build  a  car  that  meets  the  South  Mountain 
District  (SMD) Pinewood Derb y® (PWD)  Race Rules, with a minimum of fuss:
1)     Refer   to   the   SMD   PWD  Checklist   on  the   next  page.  This   checklist   will  be
 used  by   the inspectors  at the  SMD PWD Race. The sheet in the  PWD Car Kit  box  is also good
2)    Use the  materials  that come in  the  Official BSA Pinewood  Derby ® Car kit.
ThePinewood Block      The  Nails      The Wheels      The Info Sheet
a)     Do NOT use  kits from other sources.
bl    Do NOT use pinewood blocks, nails, and/or wheels from other sources.
c)     If  something  breaks,  go  to  the  Minsi  Trails  Scout  Shop  and  buy  another  kit  or 
wedge  or tube. Don't go to any other store, their parts will NOT pass the  inspect ion.
3)     Do  not  be  surprised  if  the  car  will  need  to  remove  a  tiny  amount  of  weight 
to  meet  the maxim um  5.00  ounces. TheDistrict scale will probably not  match exactly your
Pack's scale.
4)     Do NOT put  thick and/or  wide weights on the  bottom of the pinewood block. They  may 
cause your car not to roll on the SMD track. That's why there is a minimum ground clearance.
S)    The axle tips must be easily visible for inspection.
6)    All 4  wheels must touch the track at the same time.
7)     Dry graphite lubricant ONLY.
B)     If   you  follow  the  SMD  PWD  checklist,  you should  not  have  a  problem  during  the 
SMD  PWD Check -I n.  But  if  the   car  does  not  pass the  full rules,  and it  is  safe  to 
race*,  your  car will run in the  District  Race.  The  car  just  won't  be eligible for  a 
speed  t rophy .  It   wil l  be  eligible for  a specialty trophy .
*  -  The  car  must  roll  freely  on the  track,  not interfere  with  the  other  cars and  not 
have  any loose or dangerous part s.
The full version of the  District Rules explains in great detail what is needed for  families
looking to build  a  car  for  maximum  speed.  Cars  will  be inspected  to  these rules. This 
full  version  is  based on the  NYC World Championship Pinewood Derby®  Race rules.
Reach out  to  your Pack PWD Chair for  clarification for  your Pack's race rules.
Refer to  the  Handbook Rules ,  Diagrams, and FAQs sections and more for expanded explanations of
the  District Rules. For the  final answer to  questions about the  SMD PWD Race Rules ,  reac h
out to  the  SMD PWD Chair, Chris Van Camp at  513-253 -8174  (M)  or  jcvancam p@y ahoo.com.
Whichever flavor of car you decide to build, have fun!
See below for detailed Inspection Checklist
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