Helpful Tips for Cub Scouts 

     Scout Six Essentials

The six items a Cub Scout should always have with them

in their Back Pack (or Day Pack)

  1. Re-Usable Water Bottle
  2. Healthy Snack (Trail Mix, Granola Bar, Dried Fruit)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Whistle
  5. Flash Light or Head Lamp
  6. Hat or Sun Screen

Rain Gear is also helpful to have with you just in case, but isn't considered a Cub Scout Six Essential.

    What to bring for Camping with the Pack

  • Tent with tarp for underneath (depending on weather conditions an extra one for over the top of the tent can also be handy)
  • Strong, sturdy tent stakes that can handle any kind of terrain & weather
  • Sleeping bag & Pillow (extra blanket for cooler weather camping)
  • pad for under sleeping bag (if not using a cot or air mattress)
  • clothing suitable for the weather conditions (pack extra just incase).  We sugest packing clothes in something waterproof rather than a suitcase or duffle bag. (that way if it rains & your tent leaks your clothes don't get wet)
  • Toiletries:  tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, towels, etc.
  • Camp Chair for around camp fire 
  • flash light / or head lamp for getting around camp at night
  • Battery operated lantern for in tent 
  • sneakers and/or hiking boots (an extra pair of sturdy shoes is always a good idea)  No open toe shoes when camping except for pool or shower house.  
  • Rain Gear
  • carpet remnant or door mat for outside tent to keep dirt down inside tent


Extra gear you might want to bring depending on where we're going & what we might be doing and the time of year

  • Fishing poles & tackle box
  • Board games or deck of cards for in the evening or if it's raining
  • Ball or frisbee 
  • Swim suit (two would be better especially for resident camp)

What you need for Resident Camp

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