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The Annual Popcorn fundraiser is Pack 346’s one and only fundraising activity each year.  From it, we generate ALL the funding necessary to make the Pack go.  In addition, scouts are able to earn rewards including money that is deposited in personal accounts that they can use for scouting related activities and goods.  73% of funds raised go to Local Scouting.


Ways to Sell:

1.     Take Order – Scouts sell door-to-door to friends and neighbors while accompanied by an adult.

2.     Show & Deliver – Similar to Take Order, except you carry product with you for immediate delivery.

3.     Online Sales – Scouts can sell to out of town friends and family using the trails-end website.

4.     Show & Sell – Pack gets permission for Scouts to sell in front of a retail store as people walk by.

Important Dates:

Popcorn Kickoff Meeting – Start Selling!                                      Thursday, August 2018

Show and Deliver Popcorn available for pickup                           

October Pack Meeting – September Top Sellers Recognized     Thursday, October 2018

Scouts turn in final Take Order Forms and Money (1st Baptist)   

End of Online sales counting towards prizes                               

November Pack Meeting – October Top Sellers Recognized      Thursday, November 2018

Popcorn Pickup Date – 3440 Darrel Court, Bethlehem               

December Pack Meeting – All Rewards Announced!               Thursday, December 2018


Show & Sell Schedule:


Where to get more information:

Learn how to sell online, print out a sales script, Get Selling Tips, Watch short training Videos, Learn about Rewards that start when you sell $175 at:


Have More Questions? Contact:

Primary:  Robert McGehee, 484-767-6068

Secondary:  Kraig Hume,, 484 894-1621


               Make Checks Payable to: Pack 346


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